Prometheus Panta


Whether you’re working in biologics formulation optimization, developability, or comparability assessments, count on Prometheus Panta to provide multi-parameter stability characterization and trustworthy results for your candidate molecules.

Collect data on thermal unfolding, particle sizing, and aggregation simultaneously, throughout the entire thermal ramp, for high-resolution, domain-specific stability characterization of biologics.

Prometheus Panta provides the highest quality data on multiple biophysical attributes of your biologics candidates. See unprecedented detail that unveils subtle differences between candidates, so you eliminate less stable options earlier in the pipeline.

The equipment is accessible to both internal and external users upon prior request. Individuals interested in utilizing the equipment should contact the device administrator. Only trained operators can schedule the use of the equipment, or alternatively, the measurement can be conducted by the experienced staff of the Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology.


Measurement parameters

Ratio: Tonset, Tm, Ea, reversibility of unfolding

330 nm, 350 nm: Tm

Excitation: 280 nm

Concentration range

0.005 mg/mL – 250 mg/mL

Inflection point precision @ 75 °C

± 0.1 °C

Initial ratio repeatability


Measurement parameters

Tscattering, Tsize, rH, PDI, kD

Laser wavelength

405 nm ± 5 nm

Concentration range (DLS/SLS)

0.5 mg/mL for a 15 kDa protein, up to 40% w/v

Size resolution

Down to 0.5 nm – 2 μm

Measurement parameters

Tscattering, average scattering intensity, molecular weight, B22

Measurement accuracy

≤ 10% molecular weight



Measurement parameters


Size resolution

Larger than 12.5 nm radius

Sample requirements

Sample volume

10 µL

Sample handling format

Individual capillaries or capillary chip

Throughput in one run

Up to 48 capillaries or 24 in capillary chip

Temperature range

15 – 110 °C

Heating rate range

0.1 – 7 °C/min

Precision of 1 °C/min thermal ramp

± 0.1 °C

Optional upgrades

Aggregation detection optics

Optional high-throughput


21 CFR part 11 ready software



Kristina Eleršič Filipič

Kemijski Inštitut

Hajdrihova 19, SI-1001 Ljubljana


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